Zoology & Botany MCQs For Various Competitive & Entrance Exam, Set 3

Zoology & Botany MCQs

Bipinnaria is a larval stage of - 

(a) holothuroidea
(b) asteroidea
(c) echinoidea
(d) crinoidea

Ans. (b)

Lchtyophis belong to - 

(a) Reptilia
(b) Annelida
(c) Amphibia
(d) Mollusca

Ans. (c)

Biological name of flying frog is

(a) Alytes
(b) Pila
(c) Hyla
(d) Rhacophorus

Ans. (d)

Gavialis live in -

(a) river
(b) ponds and pools
(c) sea
(d) all of these

Ans. (a)

Poison glands of snakes are modified -

(a) sub-linguals
(b) linguals
(c) maxillaries
(d) paratoids

Ans. (d)

Mammals which lay eggs are - 

(a) Tachyglossus (Echidna)
(b) Ornithorhynchus and Echidna
(c) Macropus
(d) Didelphis a

Ans. (b)

During replication of bacterial chromosome DNA synthesis starts from a replication origin site and -

(a) RNA promers are involved
(b) moves in bidirectional way
(c) is faciliated by telomerase
(d) moves in one direction of the site

Ans. (a)

In a plant, the red color of fruit (R) is dominant over yellow color of fruit (r) and tallness (T) is dominant over dwarfism/shortness (t). If a plant with RRTt genotype is crossed with a plant of genotype rrtt. The progeny will be - 

(a) all progeny will be tall with red fruit
(b) 50% will be drawf red and 50% will be tall with red fruit
(c) only 25% will be tall with red fruit
(d) 75% will be tall with red fruit

Ans. (b)

A normal woman whose father was color blind, is married to a normal man. The daughters would be -

(a) all normal
(b) 50% normal
(c) all normal but carrier
(d) 50% Carrer and 50 % colourblind

Ans. (b)

Anopheles, Culex and Aedes are the main genera of mosquitoes. The larva and pupa of these genera are known as -

(a) wriggler and imago
(b) maggot and tumbler
(c) wriggler and tumbler
(d) maggot and imago

Ans. (c)

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